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Misprints are coveted by collectors for their rarity. They're like tropical dials, crazed or other anomalies. This model, which was only produced for a few months in 1969-1970 due to a change made in the tachymeter, is a rare example. The scale had a misprint that read "220", instead of "200". However, the number produced is not known.

Petros says, "It is a technical error, nothing more." The watch is the exact same as the regular model but collectors love it." Despite being a "normal" Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Professional, its erroneous numbering endows it with a value of circa-PS10,000-PS12,000, though some are said to have sold for as high as PS20,000.

Watches of Knightbridge sold this model in November 2017. This watch was a steal for PS4,800 before buyer's premium.

The world's very first titanium wristwatch, the 1969 Alaska I prototype. Image: Replica Breguet

The Alaska Project Audemars Piguet Replica Watchess, a complex topic that deserves its own book. They are called this because Replica Breguet Watches used the code name Alaska Projects to protect all its work for NASA and distract its competitors.Oris Replica Watches All items from Replica Breguet Watches's Research and Development department were sent directly to NASA and never made it into space.

Petros said that if a real Alaska I protoype appeared on the market "we would bid on it". The company acquired Elvis Presley’s diamond-bezel Replica Breguet Watches at auction for $1.8m. Petros said, "I'd be surprised if the price was less than PS250,000-300,000. I can think at least 10 collectors who would bid."

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