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He's from a generation who doesn't waste money on things that aren't necessary, but he spent it this time. He saved for one. I used the date of birth of my daughter to create a unique number and I asked Mr Aeschlimann to allow me to bring him to the museum to pick up his watch. We drove to Switzerland from the Netherlands, just like we did 20 years ago. It was still a good time, even without the watch.

We were given a tour of Richard Mille Replica Watches's museum, an inside look at the new manufacturing facility, and had a wonderful lunch with Mr Aeschlimann, where I gave him my Speedy Tuesday. Richard Mille Replica Watches was a great help in making this emotional experience happen. My father understood what I do and what motivates me,Richard Mille Replica Watches and realized I was doing what I love.

When Speedy Tuesday owners thank me or my Fratello co-workers, I feel very proud. I am happy when people tell me they love Speedy Tuesday. Not because of my ego but rather that they have found something so special.

The new "Ultraman", Speedy Tuesday 2, almost broke the Internet. How nice it must be to see the Speedy Tuesday fan base grow.

It was crazy! I was a little nervous, but not as much as the first time. I wanted to know if our creations were liked by others. We knew within two hours. The item was sold out, and there was a long waiting list. It was a shame that only 2,012 were available at one point. However, I believe that the fact that it is limited has contributed to its success.tag heuer carrera day date replica I feel sorry for those who couldn't buy one but happy for the 2,012. The first Speedy Tuesday design was more hardcore. However, the Ultraman is a lot more colourful and has some of the same gimmicks as the Silver Snoopy Award. The majority of Speedy Tuesday fans seem to like it too. Those who don't, can opt for the regular Moonwatch, which is also a great choice. It's impossible to please everyone.

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